Timber Floor Care

We recommend placing floor mats at each entry & exit doorway of the house & not wearing shoes inside the home.

It is important to get a good quality mat that can grab & trap the dirt, this will reduce surface damage to the timber floors. All furniture should have felt proactive pads applied & pet’s nails should be regularly trimmed.

Wipe up any spills immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth, if using a damp cloth follow it with a dry cloth immediately after.

We do not recommend the use of steam mops or harsh chemical wet mopping. A dry cleaning method should always be used, such as spray mops with the appropriate timber floor cleaner.


Regular vacuuming (brisels down) & mopping will help reduce loose dirt and prevent grit scratching. 

Regular maintenance & care of your timber floors will extend the time before your floors need to be refurbished.

Wooden Floor

Be mindful of the floor cleaners that are used, soap-based or abrasive cleaners should not be used or scourers such as steel wool.


Regular vacuuming (bristles down) & mopping will help reduce loose dirt and prevent grit scratching. 

We recommend not wearing shoes inside the home to reduce bringing dirt inside & keeping pets nails trimmed as this can cause surface damage.


Ensure that all spills are wiped up with either a dry cloth or slightly damp cloth as soon as possible.

Hybrid & Vinyl Plank Floor Care

Decking & Outdoor Surface Care

Decks should be regularly cleaned by sweeping or hosing away any dirt or debris, you can use a mild detergent to remove the excess or tougher dirt.


To extend the life of your deck, you should do a thorough annual cleaner using a proper decking cleaner and follow the instructions on the cleaning solution.

If your deck is in direct sunlight we do recommend having it professionally recoated twice a year, if your deck is not in direct sunlight getting a professional recoat once a year will keep it looking fresh and clean.

All Other Outdoor Timber Furniture such as bench seats or tables, should follow the same care as above to extend the life of your outdoor furniture.